Measure L Bond Projects Underway at Cuesta College (Video)

Measure L bond projects are underway at Cuesta College.

The community’s tax dollars are being used for upgrades and repairs.

Some might remember voting on Measure L, a $275-million bond.

It passed on the November ballot, so $140 million is going to repairs and renovations, roughly $20 million is being spent on technology upgrades and the remainder is for new structures.

One-million dollars in roof repairs are underway now at the college.

Terry Reece, director of Facility Services Planning and Capitol Projects at Cuesta College, says, “We are replacing not only the roof, but we are replacing all of the heater and air conditioner, so these boxes are where the new equipment will go. If we hadn’t replaced the roof, there was a possibility we would have had to shut the building down. Every time we would patch one part, something else would fail. We were starting to get water into the structure.”

Reece says this project is employing 12 area workers. There are three roofs being replaced: the engineering building, electrical sciences classrooms and the kinesiology building.

The bond is costing property owners about $20 per $100,000 of assessed value annually for the next 34 years.