Changing the Landscape – An update on Measure L, three years into the bond.

In November of 2014, the voters of San Luis Obispo County passed Measure L, a $275 million general obligation bond, providing facility and infrastructure improvements and repairs to Cuesta College. Today, the first issuance projects totaling $75 million are nearing completion, while the second issuance plans ($72 million) are gearing up for action.

The two most noticeable first issuance projects are the San Luis Obispo Campus Instructional Building and North County Campus Center; both will open to the public in spring 2018.

The Instructional Building – a 32,000 square foot facility – will include eight high-capacity multi-discipline classrooms, one forum-sized classroom, and staff offices. Housing classrooms and offices under one roof will inspire interactive learning environments for both students and staff. The structure’s second floor will also offer aesthetically pleasing views of the nearby mountains and interior campus.

Housing student services like the cafeteria, counseling, and campus safety, the 43,000 square foot North County Campus Center, (pictured above) is visible on the approach to campus. Serving as the campus’s front door, the structure will encompass all aspects of student life while creating new spaces for staff and the community to utilize. The expansive lobby will provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Skylights allow natural daylight to filter through and will illuminate the main stairway (pictured at right) that leads to a second-floor computer lab and student interaction spaces. Second issuance projects are scheduled to launch in the spring of 2018; they include a new North County Campus Early Childhood Education Center, a San Luis Obispo Campus Data Center, the revitalization of the San Luis Obispo Campus Aquatics Center, and more.

Source: Cuesta College News

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