SLO Campus Roofing & HVAC Upgrades

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Project Overview

Project Start Date: Fall 2020 Project Completion Date: Summer 2021

The SLO Campus Roofing & HVAC Upgrades project is scheduled to start August of 2020 through the summer of 2021. Roofing and HVAC replacements will be completed on buildings 4100 (Business Education/Engineering), 4300 (Faculty Offices: Business/Engineering), 4400 (Engineering Technology/Electronics Lab), 6200 (Faculty Offices: Language Arts/Social Sciences), and 7100 annex (Fine Arts).


Project Documentation

Notice of Intent

Notice of Intent
A notice of intent to award related to the Cuesta College, Roofing Repairs Districtwide project was sent to the following non-awardees on July 7, 2020:

• Best Contracting Services
• Quaglino Roofing