NCC Quad/Courtyard

Project Overview

Project Start Date: Spring 2020 Project Completion Date: Fall 2020

The new buildings will create a ‘basket weave’ of interlocking spaces.  The NCC Quad/Courtyard project will tie the existing and future buildings together with a basket weave of interlocking quads while creating a campus core. The central commons is anchored by campus center at one end and the learning resources center at the other. The proposed campus core has a combination of different sizes and patterns of green spaces to promote cultural and social activities for students, staff and community. The exposed concrete walkways are designed to connect the green spaces with each other and the surrounding buildings to both physically and visually accentuate the path of travel within the core. The quad appears as a carpet of integrated strips of concrete paving, vegetation and lighting with concrete benches, shade structures and trees scattered throughout. This project is scheduled to begin construction in the spring of 2020.