SLO Campus Center Design

2021-10-08 Perspective View Front

Project Overview

Project Start Date: Spring 2021 Project Completion Date: Fall 2022

Proposed Campus Center Building on the San Luis Obispo Campus will create a cohesive student services facility and provide a one-stop experience for visitors, community, and students. Proposed building will enhance the Campus Front Door and provide further visibility from Highway 1. The building will have a welcome center and help desk to assist students and provide support as needed. It will house programs such as Counseling, Admissions, Financial aid, Cashier, DSPS, Outreach and Workforce Coordinator. By housing all of the student support services in one location, students will have everything they need for a successful educational experience at Cuesta College under one roof. The second floor will house College Administration, Board Room, Human Resources, and Foundation. This will allow for more interaction between students and staff promoting more welcoming and helping environment.